“Art is to console those who are broken by life”

 Vincent Van Gogh

MADELAT’s originals

The original works are unique creations made by hand by the artist MADELAT, where each of the concepts is perceived in its absolute dimension. In them, the textures, the acrylic, the oils, the resins, the marble dust and each one of the mixed techniques of each one of its layers are part of a story that remains alive and that continues to be built in the space of those who acquire the art and make it part of their own existential baggage.

Currently available:

Upcoming Art series

MADELAT is passionate about concepts, his work draws on literature, philosophy, from art itself, but above all from life experience.

MADELAT is currently working on the series “From fear to faith” inspired by the global experience of the pandemic.

making of
making of

Giclées & Art accesories

Throughout human history, life has changed, evolved, and been transformed, and the art world has followed suit. An original work of art for the same quality is usually unique and this implies that its value and therefore its price will only be accessible to some and only one will be the lucky one who will be able to own it. In the old days, once a work of art was sold, that was it. The original buyer had the only version. With giclée printing, that is no longer the case. The original work remains exclusive, but today it is possible to have giclées digital copies almost as perfect as the originals and at a much lower price. Giclées allow art collectors to enjoy their favorite artwork without fighting over who will take it home.

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