Specifications Nissan Sunny (Nissan Sunny) years of release.

Specifications Nissan Sunny (Nissan Sunny) years of release.

For broken Ukrainian roads, the suspension is stiff, gas-oil strut, even on bad asphalt at a speed of a Nissan Sunny 1992 80 km and above, it behaves perfectly, is very easy to control and holds the road perfectly.

For a family of four, a great option for a budget car. Advantages The repair is simple and convenient.

Spare parts on the Internet are always available, and original and analogs have a service life, respectively. The engine is quiet, but nimble and flexible, sometimes, at first, forgot to change gears.

Oil does not take, does not lose from replacement to replacement, always dry and clean. Only on my passport 82 liters. The trunk is roomy, if wisely

Technical characteristics of cars Nissan Sunny / Nissan Sunny.

The salon is well ventilated. And this is after a thousand. In general, the state of good, went.

I believe that 1. I have my engine. By the way, all the beauty 1. Very pleased with the engine, super Nissan.

Reviewed by Nissan Sunny (1992)

The maximum speed that I was gaining km. The checkpoint here upset me a little with the 1st gear, very short, but I’m already used to it. Shifting gears is a pleasure, smoothly, without noise, vibrations, the lever strokes are not to say short, Nissan Sunny 1992 and small.

The box is actually nicer than his father’s Toyota Carina E station wagon, although they are the same age with the sled. The suspension is stiff, you should not fly on it Nissan Sunny 1992 pits and over the rails, since the car is light, the rear springs sag over time, since the rear of the hatch is heavy.

While there are no troubles, three times ugh. Once the Hitachiev starter broke down, but there the graphite sleeve of the armature bearing flew out, found a suitable VAZ one, slightly undermined it and again buzzed. By the way, it is better to have a Mitsubishi generator and a starter on the engine, Nissan Sunny 1992 is more durable. The body is weak points.

The spars and other structural elements of the body are galvanized and are kept gud.

As a result, I cannot say that it is a second-hand foreign. But my opinion Nissan Sunny is N14 reliable and unpretentious car Nissan Sunny 1992 every day, very pleasant to operate, suitable for both long and short distances. Real Japanese quality for a penny.

Author’s advice to buyers of Nissan Sunny r Take, but 8 abitudini anche tu puoi adattarti per avere successo in tutto before that, study the Nissan Sunny 1992 opus and check the car well before buying.

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